You Learn About Some of the Best Things at the Most Surprising Times Sometimes

I had heard someone at a bus stop talking about a couple of chiropractors in San Jose that she goes to for her back. I was instantly curious and began asking her questions. I had been taking two types of pain medication for my own pain, and I had been uncomfortable with needing to be on that type of medication from the start. The woman I spoke with said that she was able to throw away all of her prescriptions after she started getting chiropractic help. She actually had a business card for the business that she goes to, so I accepted it and decided that I should look into it, too.

There’s a lot of news out in the media today about the fact that we are a nation of people who are on all sorts of different medications. I’m fine with life-saving prescriptions, but I am uncomfortable with a lot of the stuff out there that is used for pain. I’m past the ability to use something that you can buy over the counter. I can take the prescribed dose and I still find myself stuck in bed with the inability to stand for very long. So, my doctor put me on something much stronger that works, but it also comes with the nasty side effect of being addictive. That has always made me uncomfortable.

It seems strange that I learned about what would really help me at a bus stop. I wasn’t even talking to the woman who was talking about her chiropractor with someone else. I just happened to hear the very end of her conversation. The bus was pulling up as she was talking about it. I was lucky that she was open to my questions. She actually sat with me on the bus and told me all about the things that her chiropractor has done for her. I was so excited to hear that she got help without any need for prescriptions, so I decided to give her chiropractor a try.