How One Entrepreneur’s Technology Startup Bolstered Commercial Vehicle Safety

Commercial vehicles are often far larger than the cars and trucks on the roads around them. With some commercial tractors and trailers tipping the scales at as much as eighty thousand pounds combined, a lot of energy is being harnessed to put such assemblies into motion.

This means that collisions involving commercial vehicles can be devastating, even compared to the worst accidents that include only passenger cars and trucks. A company founded by entrepreneur and investor Jim Plante named SmartDrive Systems has been one of the leaders when it comes to making such disasters less likely.

Recognizing a Threat and Developing Ways to Deal With It

Commercial drivers are generally held to high standards, with even minor moving violations sometimes putting their jobs in jeopardy. In many cases, however, even the most attentive and skilled of commercial drivers end up becoming involved in accidents that do great harm to those affected.

One common problem is a lack of the information needed to stay safe, particularly in fast changing and unpredictable environments. A passenger vehicle that spends too much time in a truck driver’s blind spot can seemingly appear out of nowhere and cause a life threatening accident to happen.

Starting around 2004, some especially ambitious and forward-thinking entrepreneurs began to believe that technology had advanced to the point where it could be used to do away with many such problems. Plante’s founding of SmartDrive Systems around that time was one of the first major moves in this direction.

Applying Technology to the Difficult Problem of Commercial Vehicle Safety

SmartDrive was one of the pioneers in its field, and it was most notable for its multifaceted approach to the technological enhancement of commercial vehicle safety. Instead of focusing on a single type of technology, SmartDrive developed systems that incorporated a variety of media types and sensors to provide a well rounded picture of each situation.

That take on improving vehicle safety has gone on to become the default one in both the commercial and consumer-oriented spheres today. Although the danger of serious accidents involving commercial vehicles can never be eliminated, experience has proved that it can be reduced significantly through the strategic and careful application of technology.